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I imagine most people who are looking at this page are family and chums who are familiar with the story so far. If not, here is some brief background info about our adventures in France.

We are bang in the middle of France, in a region, not surprisingly called Centre. The Départment is called Indre, and once, many years ago - along with Cher - used to be part of the province of Berry. In fact the area still advertises itself as le Berry and the locals consider themselves as Berrichonne and speak a dialect of the same name.

Okay, enough background. We're renovating a Fermette, which is a long and narrow farm house, which once housed the family, at one end, and the livestock alongside in a series of connected rooms/stalls. The house is in a village called La Jarrige, close to the manmade lake at Eguzon and the medieval village of Gargillesse. For more info about the area and the towns go to The Area page.